General Terms and Conditions of Hire:

By Making a booking and paying a deposit to Roses & Heats Boutique Events you are agreeing to all of the under Terms and Conditions

1) All equipment remains the property of Roses & Hearts Boutique Events

2) During the period of hire, The Hirer (person named on contract) shall be solely responsible for the hired goods and insuring the goods if they feel necessary.
3) Roses & Hearts Boutique Events shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons, buildings or property howsoever sustained arising from our goods under hire.
4) The contract for the hire of goods is between Roses & Hearts Boutique Events and the hirer, not the venue unless goods are being hired directly by the venue. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that the venue is clearly instructed so that the terms and conditions are met. Roses & Hearts Boutique Events will charge the Hirer for any costs due to terms and conditions being broken. It is then the responsibility of the Hirer to reclaim any of these costs from the venue or third party if the venue or third party was at fault.
5) We will not be held responsible for any circumstances that may occur to prevent us from carrying out this contract. If this should happen you will be notified and refunded in full. Compensation will not be due and under no circumstances will the owner’s liability exceed the invoice value of hired goods.
6) All information including designs, colours and names for Table plans, place cards and other stationery items must be received by email to Roses & Hearts Boutique Events no later than one month prior to your date. If information is received later than this date we retain the right to use available stock and designs to fit the information we have on file for you. 
7) Changes to orders within one month of your event date will be subject to availability and subject to an admin fee of £25.00 
8) Overpayments on orders can be used for other products to that value with written notice up to one month prior to your event. After this stage refunds can only be made by way of cheque to the name and address on order invoice after your event subject to an admin fee of £25.00) Although we will try our best to get the closest match for any colours requested we cannot guarantee an exact match will be possible. We advise you to arrange a colour match prior to securing your booking as refunds will not be given for cancellations of any items where an exact colour match cannot be arranged.
10) Parking must be available at all times whilst we are on site, if for any reason this is not the case the hirer is liable to pay for any additional parking charges incurred by our staff
11) A Safe unloading, loading and access area must be available for our staff whilst on site for all set ups and collections. If not available we will be unable to unload or set up for your event.
12) An adequate power supply must be provided for any electrical equipment hired. We deem it unsafe to daisy chain extension leads around a venue and will not do this. Refunds will not be given for items unable to be used because of inadequate power supply.
13) Terms and conditions are subject to change by Roses & Hearts Boutique Events at any time. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check these terms and conditions on our website for any updates or changes.

Deposits, Payments & Cancellation: 
1) A 50% Deposit of each item is required to secure our services and products. Your order is not secure until we have received cleared payment of this deposit. If payment is being made by cheque your booking will only be secured once cleared payment has been received. As we are limited to the amount of events we can take on in any one day this deposit is completely non-refundable. 
2) The final balance is due one month prior to your set up or dispatch date. If you fail to pay your balance by the required date, we reserve the right to cancel your order and in the event that another event wishes to book for that day, they will take priority if a deposit has been received from them. 
3) Cancellation by the hirer will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any monies paid. This applies to complete orders and individual items on your order.
4) Full balance will be due for cancellation by the hirer of any events within one month of event date.
5) Changes in numbers can be accepted up to one month prior to your date. Final numbers and order details must be confirmed no later than one month prior to set up or dispatch date. Any changes at all including changes to set up and collection times after this stage will be subject to availability and will incur a £25.00 administration fee.
6) A £50 or 10% Refundable Security Deposit, whichever is greater, is payable in addition to the hire charges on all hire bookings, to cover minor shortages and damages to hired goods. This will be due for payment 2 weeks prior to your event and will be returned once all hired stock has been checked back in at Roses & Hearts Boutique Events. This invoice constitutes part of your order and failed payment of this invoice will result in cancellation of your order and set up. Late payments of this invoice shall be charged at £2 per day.
7) Security deposits minus any deductions will be returned by way of cheque within one month of collection or return of goods to the name and address stated on the booking invoice only. We will not issue refunds to any other name or address than that shown nor will we arrange by any other means other than signed postal cheque under any circumstances. This includes name changes if the event is a wedding. 

Damaged & Missing Items
1) All products are counted and checked by Roses & Hearts Boutique Events at time of set up. In the event of shortages or damages that may be overseen by Roses & Hearts Boutique Events, the Hirer shall notify Roses & Hearts Boutique Events within 24 hours of delivery. If the Hirer fails to do this, The Goods will be deemed to be delivered in correct condition.
2) Charges will be made for any damaged goods. This includes but is not limited to; goods that have been dragged on the floor, ground in earth or grass stains, burns, holes, rips, tears, candles wax, grease or deep staining.
3) Only non drip, smoke free, non toxic or LED candles should be used with the candelabras. Charges will be made for any candelabra returned damaged, dented, permanently tarnished or heavily covered in melted wax. 
4) You are not permitted to use any flowers, artificial or fresh, other than those supplied and set up by Roses & Hearts Boutique Events on our candelabras and vase-ware. Charges may apply if they are.
5) Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at full replacement value and delivery to Roses & Hearts Boutique Events. No substitute item will be accepted by Roses & Hearts Boutique Events.
6) Roses & Hearts Boutique Events will inform The Hirer within 14 days, in writing of any damages or missing items on the order. The hirer has 7 days from the date of notification to return any missing goods. After 7 days Roses & Hearts will deem any goods not received back as missing and charge at full replacement cost plus VAT and delivery to Roses & Hearts. Any charges will be deducted from the refundable security deposit or where value exceeds the refundable security deposit an invoice will be issued to the hirer.
7) Additional courier charges or additional journeys for attempted re-collection will be charged at full mileage plus time.
8) Damaged goods remain the property of Roses & Hearts Boutique Events
9) Invoice will be due for payment within 14 days. Failure to make payment will incur a £25.00 late payment fee. Invoices still not settled within 30 days of issue will be sent to an external debt collection agency with fees of £150+ being added to the account to cover costs.

Delivery, Set up & Collection: 
1) Goods must be ready for collection at the agreed location at the correct date and time. A charge is made for an aborted delivery/collection by the courier and/or Roses & Hearts Boutique Events where the venue/hirer/customer is at fault.
2) DIY Orders: Goods must be packed in the boxes they were delivered in. If there is more than one box, the items should be divided equally between the boxes to stay within specific Courier weight limits. Charges made by Courier for incorrect weights will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
3) All hired items including chair covers and table linen must be removed by the hirer prior to collection. An additional fee will be charged if Roses & Hearts Boutique Events arrive to collect and need to remove covers and linen from tables and chairs.
4) Any furniture including Tables and chairs must be laid out in place prior to our arrival. Roses and Hearts will not lay out chairs and tables unless previously arranged between the hirer and Roses & Hearts with confirmation in writing.
If Roses & Hearts arrives at venue and tables and chairs are not laid out ready, we retain the right to leave items at venue for the hirer to set up or charge an additional fee for this service at our discretion. 
5) If hirer is using table linen from another company other than Roses & Hearts they will need to ensure that table linen is ready at the venue & on the tables prior to our arrival. If linen is not available and tables cannot be set up then Roses & Hearts retain the right to leave items to one side for set up by the hirer or third party ready for when linen has arrived. At Roses & Hearts discretion and if timings allow Roses & Hearts Boutique Events may be able to wait for linen to arrive but additional fee will be charged for the waiting time for each staff member of £25.00 per hour or part thereof.
6) The hirer is responsible for the return of items not readily available at collection point. Roses & Hearts at their discretion may offer to re collect and this will be charged at mileage plus time to the hirer. If goods are not returned within 14 days of event goods will be deemed as missing (See clause damaged and missing items above)

By securing your date by deposit you have agreed to be legally bound by this contract. If you do not agree to be legally bound by this contract then you have 7 days from the date of this contract to cancel your order. To cancel your order we must be notified by post or email on the below details only and you must have received an acknowledgment from Roses & Hearts Boutique Events. By acknowledgment you will receive a refund of your deposit and a written receipt. Bookings made where delivery is required within the next 30 days are agreeing that no cancellation period is permitted.

Terms and conditions